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New Inspirational Piece In Studio Now: Tethered

My mind is tethered to the cold air that flows through me. My lips are moving but no one can hear a sound.


I’m hiding among the shadows that haunt me. I’m reaching beyond my own flesh to reconnect with myself, but I’m stained and bruised from my journey, and I’m lost among the ripples of water that carry me.

My grasp is without possibility. I’m surrounded - I’m torn - I’m holding my breath once again, I’ve lost my moment. Will life find me and move me beyond these heavy feet that weigh me down?

I see her smile and I am reminded of why I try again. She lives in constant motion while I counter her with perpetual pause. She will challenge me with her love and reunite me once again. But will it be enough to save me from the darkness?

I can see moments of light but I’m muffled from my opposition. Can I hide behind these hollow walls I cling to? He frees me with his grace but will I survive this bondage that silences me?


These chains are tight and I’m tired and discouraged from their strength. My legs and hands are still moving even though my heart no longer beats, and my body is so weary.

My spirit’s still in tact and I will fight. I will use all that I have left to bounce among the stars like moonbeams. I will transcend this with my light and I will shine brighter in the night.


Once I survive this - I am free. Once I know I’m alive I will no longer walk, I will fly.

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