"I think the hardest part about being an artist is -vulnerability-and trying to remain true to who you are. You are human and that requires working on yourself and overcoming your insecurities. Something an artist feeds on to create.  When I started writing for others and collaborating with other artists it forced me to take a long hard look at myself in the mirror and accept myself. In my success and in my failures, I've learned that you just have to be yourself.  You have to grow, you have to succeed in life or your material will be one dimensional and so will your life. You have to love even if it means getting heartbroken. You have to keep going when you feel like giving up. You have to dream even if everyone around you tells you, you are not good enough.  Mostly, however scarred or broken you might think you are you have to love who you are or you will never find peace, and you will never experience anything you are truly capable of. "